Ghost White Privacy Policy

Ghost White as a company is committed to protecting your privacy while using our website. In the Privacy Policy outlined below, we are attempting to be as transparent as possible in how we collect and employ user data about you online. All of the data we collect is only used insofar as we can provide the best, most legitimate service to you as possible.

What type of information does Ghost White store?

Ghost White uses the data that you intentionally and voluntarily provide to us. Whenever you register, login, post comments, or send messages on our service to customer support, we collect data.

We may ask you about your age in order to determine if parental consent is necessary to access our services. If you are under thirteen, you must obtain the permission of your primary guardian before you are able to register, comment, and perform other activities on our website.


When you register on our website, you are automatically signed up to receive promotional offers, inquiries, and other news from us. However, the primary purpose of your email is not for us to collect data or personal information about you.

We are committed to only gathering the data absolutely necessary to competently respond to an inquiry or fulfill a request. If we send promotional materials to you, none of it is because of previous information we've collected about your purchasing habits, online searches, or website use.

Opting out of email and promotional materials

In every email that we send, you can remove your information from the emailing list by hitting "unsubscribe" through the link at the bottom of the email. Once you hit unsubscribe, you are automatically removed for our list and will not receive any more promotional materials from us. The only emails you will receive will relate directly to specific orders, cancelled orders, or inquiries you've sent to our support team.

Signing up for our promotional materials and free newsletters

If you'd like to receive materials from us, including tips to get the best use out of the Ghost White system and other dental health related material, you must provide some personal information. With your permission, we will send relevant information and product news based on the email address you've provided to us.

When We Disclose Your Information

Part of our business requires that we disclose some of your non-personal information on your behalf to other companies and services that act on our behalf. We never disclose personal information that isn't absolutely necessary to reasonably conduct business, complete orders, and provide services to our customers.

If our company changes ownership, we will provide the new owners with our files that could include your personal information, such as your name, email, and address. If there is an undergoing legal investigation, we are required by law to hand over your personal information to government officials or court authorities.

As always, we never share your personal information with unaffiliated, third-party corporations or entities unless you have specifically opted in to another service. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal data and will always be transparent about sharing your data.

Third Party Entities and External Links

On our website, there are occasionally links to external websites and third parties that we've deemed safe. The sites linked on our website are unaffiliated with us and we do not have control over how they collect, use, or store any personal data that you provide to them. Before disclosing your information, we urge you to review their privacy policies. We are not liable for how you choose to use these third party services or any damages incurred by sharing your data on external links.

In order to drive traffic and revenue to our website, we occasionally cooperate with third party entities or corporations in order to advertise unaffiliated services. If you visit specific pages on our site, these advertisements could leave "cookies" in your browser, collect cookies that have been previously situated, or gather data about the url you have visited. We cannot and do not control what data third parties collect about you - the privacy policy is merely designed to demonstrate how we, the Ghost White website, collect and use your personal data.

To ease the process of registration, we provide every user the option of linking their account with other social media services, like Facebook or Twitter. Once you link your account, these external services may share your personal data and we may share your data to these sites. Other Ghost White members who are friends with you on Facebook may be able to see your username on our website. If you are concerned about data privacy between your accounts, we suggest you make an individual account for the Ghost White website.

How we Use Cookies

Like most other websites, we employ the use of cookies in order to improve user experience on our website.

A cookie is a small file that websites store in your personal computer or browser for later recall. Cookies are used to provide easy, convenient ways for us to personally craft your experience on our websites. Users find cookies convenient because they don't have to login every time they exit the browser and have access to information from previous visits to our site.

We never use cookies to store your personal information, such as your name, address, payment information, and more. We do not retrieve information that we haven't been expressly authorized to use. If you'd like, you can disable cookies from being sent or retrieved from your local machine at any point in time through browser settings.

IP Addresses

Ghost White is allowed to collect your IP address for safety measures. Collecting your IP address personally identifies your computer every time you log on to our website - this allows us to protect ourselves and our customers against malicious programs, hacking, and other extreme events.

Log Files

One major form of non-personal data we collect has to do with how you specifically use our website. Logs are a type of files that record specific website activity, like how many times you've visited a specific page (dubbed click-through rate) and more. We collect this data in order to determine the most popular products and pages on our website as well as to track your interests. Occasionally, this data is used to resolve specific technical concerns that users tend to have on our website.

Log files have other attached information as well, including the type of browser you use, your operating system, and the name of your internet service provider. Before performing data analysis, we always disaggregate your log file information from your personal identity.

Third Party Links

To provide relevant information, we may hyperlink other third party, unaffiliated sites on our home website. We are not at all liable for the damage or consequences incurred from downloads and .exe files installed onto your machine from third party websites.

Is my information sold to other sites?

No, we are firmly against marketing personal and indirect user data to other websites.

All data that third party, unaffiliated sites receive from you is a result of cookies enabled on our website and through your browser settings. We are committed to preserving the privacy of all our clients. We only use data in order to ensure the best client experience on our products. We may direct you to services and products based on your past history of use on our website.

Any data that you disclose is directly collected and stored by the Ghost White website and is only used in the manner outlined in the rest of the Privacy Policy.

Additional Information and Disclosures

By using our website, you are automatically assenting to our Privacy Policy and all of the terms described above. If you disagree with our policy, please exit the site. We can make changes to this policy at will and without disclosing changes. The onus of responsibility is on the user to check back for any modifications to our policy. Continued use of this site acts as your consent to our data collection and privacy guidelines, no matter how they shift over time.

Keep in mind that Google uses cookies to serve relevant ads on our website. Google provides these services based on your holistic internet usage patterns, you may opt out by going to your Google settings. Third party advertisers may use information about you to serve ads that are likely to be of interest to you. We are not responsible for the behavior of unaffiliated services.