Ghost White FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before you get skeptical, you should take a look at the reviews of our many satisfied customers. No matter the condition of your teeth, we are committed to responsible, medically proven ways to improve the color, texture, appearance, and consistency of your teeth to craft the brightest smile possible.

If you find your experience isn't perfect, we have a 30 day money back guarantee; just return the entire product to us in that 30 day period and we will give you a full refund. We also offer a generous five year warranty on our electronic products. If it breaks for any reason we will be happy to replace it within the five year warranty period, at no cost to you. We are confident you'll be just as satisfied as the rest of our many customers that have switched over to Ghost White.

It only takes one treatment for most customers to see visible changes in their smile. Many customers have found greater success by using the treatment 1-2 times per week to maintain and improve their brightness.


Yes! Our serum is gentle enough to be used on any number of previous dental treatments and work, whether they're old fillings, temporary teeth, or permanent crowns.

Unlike other harsh chemical treatments, Ghost White system is enamel safe and protects the natural mineral deposits in the mouth that protect the teeth from erosion. There have been no known issues with sensitivity, cavities, or enamel damage from extended use of our products. Ghost White was crafted by dentists who understand the struggle of overly sensitive teeth.

Fortunately, Ghost White uses only safe, robustly tested LED wavelengths to ensure that there is no potential for medical harm to your mouth and body.

No! All of our ingredients are scientifically and specially formulated without ever being tested on animals.

The Ghost White system is formulated specifically to act on stubborn, long-lasting stains caused by soda, coffee, wine, and food consumption.

All of the ingredients in the Ghost White kit are tested, scientifically proven, and use gentle ingredients. Make sure to follow the instructions included in your kit.

No harm! Make sure to wipe off the serum as effectively as you can since the product is only meant to be used on your teeth.

No need for concern. You can safely get your teeth whitened at home or in a dental office and still breastfeed. Since you ingest only minimal quantities of the serum, almost none of it is absorbed into your bloodstream, meaning that your breast milk is safe for the baby.

The extra strength serum is the strongest serum included in the kit. Many customers use it in order to achieve faster results at first, before gradually transitioning to the regular serum in order to maintain the brilliance of their smile.

The desensitizing serum is a completely optional treatment that helps customers with hyper-sensitive teeth conditions. The serum helps to reduce tooth sensitivity, strengthen enamel, and remineralize the teeth.

It's recommended to use the Ghost White kit for 10-30 minutes every day for 21-30 days in a row. Although our ingredients are exceedingly gentle, if you encounter any sensitivity or tooth pain, discontinue use for 1-3 days and then restart the treatment.

If your teeth pain persists after treatment, schedule an appointment with your regular dentist to determine the root cause of the issue. This is very unlikely to happen, as our ingredients are tested, and most customers turn to the Ghost White system because traditional whitening systems hurt their teeth.

Since Ghost White is a cosmetic product, we are not required or encouraged to be FDA approved. However, some of our products contain FDA-approved ingredients like potassium nitrate.

Ghost White is based entirely in the United States and all of our orders are shipped from the USA. We ship internationally and all deliveries are guaranteed.

Ghost White provides scientifically proven results for every smile. Thousands of customers worldwide have been satisfied by the ease of use and the gentle formula included in every Ghost White product. We are committed to providing inexpensive, safe solutions to teeth whitening that don't threaten your mouth or your wallet. Our treatments are known for their fast-acting, long-term solutions to persistent smile problems. What can get better than whitening teeth in the comfort of your home while avoiding a $500 dental surcharge?

We have invested millions in our products, consulting with dentists and physicians around the United States in order to perfect our inexpensive, effective, and long-lasting whitening results. Many of our team members have struggled with lifelong confidence issues owing to poor dental health - in other words, we know what it's like not to enjoy your own smile.

We are committed to providing the best experience possible for our customers. Employing patent-pending LED tech and gentle ingredients, we work hard to preserve and improve the dental health of our customers. We are a United States based company and ship to almost every country in the world.

Your order is always fast and secure and we ship all orders to the U.S. that are over $100.00 with totally free shipping! International orders do require a small shipping fee. However, you see all charges, including shipping, upon checkout so there will never be any surprises.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days of purchase, Ghost White offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Simply return your products to us within 30 days of ordering to receive a full refund.

However, here is the best part about Ghost White; we offer a generous five year warranty on our teeth whitening system. If your product should break during that five year warranty period we will replace it; no hassles, no endless questions. Just let us know and we’ll ship you a new one at no cost to you.