Will Teeth Whitening Work On a Dead Tooth?

Will Teeth Whitening Work On a Dead Tooth?

Have you ever heard of the term dead tooth? It typically refers to a tooth where a root canal or something similar has been performed, effectively allowing the tooth to die at the root. It's still in your mouth and you're not likely to have any additional problems with the tooth itself, but it's different from the other teeth because it is effectively dead. 

While you're not going to experience any additional pain from this tooth, you might find that it starts to turn sort of brownish in color over time. In fact, most people that have a dead tooth can readily identify it because even if all of their other teeth are gleaming white, there's that single tooth that looks more like a piece of petrified wood than anything else.

Can A Dead Tooth Be Whitened?

This leads a lot of people to wonder whether or not there are any teeth whitening methods out there that could effectively whiten a dead tooth. It only stands to reason that anyone affected by such a thing would want that particular tooth to match all the rest of the teeth in their mouth. 

Otherwise, it's sort of like having a flashing neon sign on your forehead. No matter how hard you try not to call attention to it, it quickly becomes the only thing that you can notice, even if no one else does. To make things even more frustrating, the more traditional teeth whitening methods don't have a tendency to work very well on these types of teeth. 

The more aggressive forms of treatment may potentially cause the tooth to whiten ever-so-slightly, but it isn't long before it goes back to that same brown color it was before. To make matters worse, you might be using chemicals that are so harsh that you're causing potential damage to all of your other teeth in the process.

What Can Potentially Be Done To Whiten A Dead Tooth?

If you have any intentions on effectively whitening a dead tooth, it's important to use a system that can be repeatedly used without potentially harming the rest of your teeth. The last thing you want to do is cause even more problems for yourself so you definitely don't want to be using harsh chemical-based whiteners several times a week. That's where a system like Ghost White comes in. 

Ghost White utilizes a blue LED light in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide, something that can be routinely used on your teeth without causing any problems. This type of system has been proven to be more effective at whitening a dead tooth in some cases. Therefore, you might have better success by using this particular method. 

Even if you still don't get the dead tooth to the shade of white you would prefer, you can improve its appearance without causing additional problems with your overall oral health.

Some people simply choose to have a dead tooth capped so they don't have to worry about it any longer. However, if that isn't something that you have chosen to do as of yet, a system like Ghost White may be exactly what you've been looking for. At the very least, it's something that you can use three or four times a week without worrying about what you might be doing to all of your other teeth. That fact alone is enough to make most people decide to give it a try, especially when they're dealing with difficult cases like trying to whiten a dead tooth.