Will Teeth Whitening Hurt Cavities?

Will Teeth Whitening Hurt Cavities?

Many people who are considering using some type of teeth whitening system wonder whether or not they can actually do so if they have cavities. Cavities can be extremely painful in nature, especially if they've been allowed to continue to develop until they start to cause major problems. When you consider the level of pain that is sometimes associated with cavities alone, it only stands to reason that you might be concerned about utilizing some type of method for whitening your teeth.

Can You Whiten Your Teeth if You Have Cavities?

There's no doubt that you can, although it might not be a good idea. That's especially true if you're using some of the chemical based whitening systems that are much harder on your teeth then the newer types of systems that have recently started to circulate en masse. 

Imagine how it would feel to get some of those chemicals directly on a cavity. It might be enough to send you running around the room in agony. More importantly, these types of harsh chemicals can do serious damage to a tooth that's already been compromised. 

In reality, they can do damage to teeth that haven't been compromised so imagine what they might potentially be able to do to a tooth that has had a cavity forming for quite some time. In extreme cases, it could be enough to warrant extraction of the tooth in its entirety, and potentially the surrounding teeth as well.

Are There Teeth Whitening Systems That Are Safe For Cavities?

The majority of teeth whitening systems are not considered safe for individuals who have cavities. If you're going to use some of the cheaper chemical-based systems, it's imperative that you make sure that your teeth are in relatively good health before you start using such systems to whiten your teeth. 

Of course, it's questionable to use these types of systems at all because you may not be able to maintain good oral health after you start using them. Your best bet, especially if you have cavities, is to use a system like Ghost White that doesn't compromise the health of your teeth. With this system. the only thing you're actually applying to your teeth, aside from a blue LED light, is hydrogen peroxide. This is not something that will cause additional harm to your teeth, even if they've already been compromised by cavities. Furthermore, it's not likely to cause you extreme pain while you're actually in the process of whitening your teeth.

There's no doubt that if you do have cavities, it's something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You're not doing yourself any favors by continuing to let them form and ignoring them as if they don't actually exist. This is especially true if you whiten your teeth on a routine basis. However, if you do plan on whitening your teeth while you have cavities, it's imperative to use a gentle method such as the blue LED light method. At least that way, you're not causing any additional harm while you're waiting to get something done about the cavities.