Will Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Will Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Unfortunately, it's all too common for those that feel self-conscious about their smile to invest in simple, inexpensive whitening treatments. Many consumers associate traditional teeth whitening treatments with permanent damage, increased sensitivity, and painful hassle.

Traditional methods haven't done much to repair their reputation, either. Whether its chemical-laden pastes or harsh chemicals, most treatments are downright unpleasant to use and the noticeable whitening effects take a while to build up.

Does Traditional Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

By gradually lightening stains stored in the tooth enamel and sensitive dentin, whitening treatments slowly dye your teeth a lighter shade. After the process is over, many patients report an increase in day-to-day tooth sensitivity.

Normally, patients report sensitivity when the teeth are exposed to temperature fluctuations or acidic foods. Normal bleaching procedures may increase sensitivity because the chemicals strip the enamel and mineral deposits on the surface of the tooth, exposing the sensitive microtubules underneath.

For patients with healthy teeth, the whitening procedure very rarely causes permanent damage. The mineral deposits slowly build up again after the course of a few days, leaving behind an even and brilliant smile.

However, those with graying teeth, tooth decay, cavities, or crowns often report persistent damage after a treatment. Moreover, those with microscopic cracks in their enamel report pain that doesn't go away after a few days.

Although it's rare, improper at-home whitening may make some patients require further dental treatment in the future. If the tooth is unable to repair itself by building up a mineral deposit, the tooth be put at risk of further decay.

In these cases, it's best for the patient to first consult with their primary dentist before attempting to bleach their teeth at home.

How Does Ghost White Protect Teeth?

In contrast with traditional methods, Ghost White doesn't use any harsh chemicals or bleaches in order to encourage the whitening process. Instead, all ingredients are completely enamel-safe and don't disturb the mineral deposits in the mouth.

Our unique formula is suitable for those with dental sensitivity, cracked teeth, veneers, and other fragile dental work. After applying the gentle serum, Ghost White customers simply need to shine the LED light through their mouthpiece.

Since we don't use any enamel-stripping bleaches, you can rest assured knowing that the Ghost White serum won't darken previous fillings or permanent crowns. Additionally, our robustly tested LED wavelengths mean there's no potential for harm to your body.