What Teeth Whitening Do Dentists Use

What Teeth Whitening Do Dentists Use

If you're interested in having whiter teeth but you’re not so thrilled about the idea of trying to get them that way entirely on your own, you might be curious as to the types of teeth whitening systems used by dentists. 

The truth is, a good dentist is very cautious about the types of teeth whitening systems they decide to use. After all, they're in the business of making sure that you have good oral health and that your teeth are always as healthy as possible. The last thing they want to do is give you a treatment designed to whiten your teeth that will ultimately cause all kinds of problems.

Granted, doing so might mean repeat business for them but anyone that's in that business for the right reasons isn't going to jeopardize the oral health of their patients. Therefore, it's highly unlikely that you will ever find a whitening system in your dentist’s office, with the exception of the blue LED light system.

What Makes This Kind Of System Different From Everything Else?

When it's all said and done, there are indeed some key differences between the system that utilizes the blue LED light and virtually everything else. This is good news for anyone that's ever gone to the local store, purchased a system designed to whiten teeth, and then had some type of terrible experience with it. 

The scary thing is that there are plenty of horror stories about the older types of systems out there. They range from relatively minor things like having a toothache for a few days, all the way to stories of people who are now under the emergency care of a dental surgeon because of the damage caused to their teeth. 

Fortunately, the blue LED system doesn't cause this kind of damage so even for those who have had an awful experience in the past, it's something that can be used safely.

How Does It Work?

It's really a very simple process. The only thing that is applied to the teeth is hydrogen peroxide, something that is natural and doesn't damage them. It's used in conjunction with a blue LED light that is attached to a device which fits inside the mouth. There is no sound, no odor and no pain involved. Instead, the treatment goes by very quickly and when it's over, most people have noticeably whiter teeth right then and there. 

That's largely because the blue LED light accelerates the work that the hydrogen peroxide is already doing, making the teeth appear whiter much more quickly. The number and frequency of treatments required will obviously depend on how stained the teeth are to begin with, as well as how white that particular individual wants them to become.

Most people aren't really terribly thrilled with the idea of going to a dentist’s office in order to get whiter teeth. That argument is more than fair. In a world where people are already completely overbooked and their schedules are packed for weeks or even months in advance, scheduling time to go to the dentist's office in order to get teeth that look better is not always possible. 

That's precisely where a system like Ghost White can make all the difference. It's the same system used by most dentists, with one major exception. Anyone who wants to use it from the comfort of their own home can do so and it's safe enough for people to use who have no experience whatsoever with teeth whitening systems. For anyone who really wants to look their best, including having whiter teeth, it’s something that simply can't be overlooked.