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Remove Coffee Stains From Teeth At Home

If you jumpstart your day with a cup of coffee, you’re most definitely not alone. In America, around 400 million coffee cups are consumed on a daily basis. While this beverage is certainly helpful in setting a productive mood, it has its own pitfalls — one of which is leaving stains on your teeth that are hard to undo without professional whitening.

We’re giving you recommendations on how to remove teeth stains caused by coffee, tea or anything else, even while you’re at home. That way, you'll be able to get your morning fix with confidence from now on. Read on to learn more.




How Coffee Stains Your Teeth


The enamel is the protective layer of the tooth. While it is considered as the hardest substance in your body, it doesn’t have an entirely smooth surface. If you put it under a microscope, you can find pits and ridges that can trap minute food and beverage particles — including the so-called tannins that can be found in coffee.

Tannins are natural compounds that cause coffee pigments to get stuck on your tooth’s enamel. When these pigments and other residue become embedded on the enamel’s surface, discoloration takes place.

Experts recommend to us that we address stained teeth immediately. Once the pigments lodge longer on your enamel, they begin to affect the inner layers of your teeth. A stain that has gone deeper will be more difficult to clean and remove — prompting you to resort to ways more expensive and time- and energy-consuming.


Removing Coffee Stains Off Your Teeth While At Home


To remove teeth stains caused by drinking coffee, you don’t need to go that far — there are remedies that can be done and applied from the comforts of your home. So, before you run off to request an appointment at the dentist office, consider what you can do right away.


Here are some stain prevention tips.

Dr. Mark Marchbanks suggests you should Brush and Floss Regularly. The most fundamental step you can take at home is to brush your teeth and floss properly and regularly. Keep in mind that a tooth stain can be primarily seen as an issue of accumulation — so, it’s better for us to prevent tannins from building up on tooth enamel. Make sure to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid further damaging your teeth.


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Use a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda


While hydrogen peroxide triggers the enamel to release the trapped coffee particles on its surface, baking soda acts as a catalyst. With this mixture (which can be done by adding a few drops of the former in an empty container and adding the later to create a paste), you will be able to get whiter teeth in two to three weeks. Another recipe from Colgate says to mix:

  • Two tablespoons hydrogen peroxide solution
  • One tablespoon baking soda

The paste should be applied with on your teeth everyday for about 20 minutes before brushing with care using a regular toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush.


Try coconut pulling


Coconut oil is not only popular for its antibacterial property, but it can also balance out the acidity in your mouth. Both capabilities lead to the whitening of your teeth. This is why many people who want to get rid of stains like coffee stains off their teeth turn to coconut oil pulling. Here's a few ways you can try it yourself according to recent media articles on the subject:

This is done by dragging the oil around the teeth like a mouthwash for about 20 minutes, rinsing, then brushing regularly afterward. The oil is known to help filter out plaque and toxins from around your gum line. It may also help with sensitive teeth when added to your regular oral care routine.


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Preventing Yourself From Having Coffee-Stained Teeth


While coffee stain removal can be done even at home, it’s still advisable to take preventive measures. In this section, we’re rounding up tips on how to undo bad habits and avoid having teeth stained with coffee.

Use a straw. By using a straw, you are minimizing the chance of liquid touching your teeth, hence there will also be a lesser probability of coffee leaving particles in your enamel. Though this practice is more common for iced coffee as seen below, it can also work for their hot counterparts.



  • Drink your coffee quickly: The logic behind this is quite simple: the longer you indulge in a cup of coffee, the more your teeth will be stained.


  • Sip water in between: If you can’t afford to finish your cup of coffee quickly, sip water in between instead. Sipping water is a good way of washing away staining particles before they even get embedded in your teeth’s enamel. It’s also the best means to quench your thirst, and it helps us all to stay hydrated.


  • Add milk to your coffee: Studies show that milk can prevent beverages with tannins (e.g. Coffee and tea) from staining your teeth. This is why experts recommend us adding animal milk to our cup of joe. It’s also better to avoid creamer and sugar as they catalyze the growth of discoloring bacteria in your teeth.


  • Chew sugar-free gums: When you chew gums, you increase the amount of your saliva, which in turn, helps wash away food and beverage particles from your mouth. However, experts advise chewing gums that are sugarless so as not to cause tooth decay or tooth discoloration. For maximized benefits, chew sugar-free gums for about 20 minutes after eating or drinking.


Next let's take a look at diet:



Eat raw fruits and vegetables. If you’re not keen on chewing gums, increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables instead. Produce like lemons and strawberries are packed with natural enzymes that help break down bacteria in your mouth and prevent food and beverages like coffee from staining your teeth.


To Recap:

  • Brush regularly
  • Try oil pulling
  • Use a straw
  • Switch to sugar-free gum


Beware: Here Are The Other Impacts Of Coffee On Your Dental Health


When it comes to caring for your teeth and mouth, it’s important to know that any beverages besides water can lead to bacterial growth and enamel erosion. These drinks, including coffee, can also cause halitosis or the medical term for bad breath. Therefore, it’s vital to always observe proper oral hygiene, especially if you’re a huge coffee drinker. 

You should also know that coffee is not the only beverage that can turn your teeth from white into a yellowish one. Other beverages and foods that can cause dental stains include sports drinks, back tea, colas, red wine, tomatoes, and tomato sauces, berries, hard candies, and popsicles. Stick to a diet high in vegetable portions and avoid processed sugars for a brighter smile and healthy teeth.

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