Avoid Damaging & Restaining your Newly Cleaned Teeth

Foods To Avoid When Teeth Whitening

As anyone who has ever been through a tooth whitening process knows, the teeth whitening itself can be disruptive to your life, and sometimes cause you a moderate amount of pain and discomfort. All too often, this process will hurt your teeth or force you to temporarily adjust your diet in order to avoid damaging and restaining your newly cleaned teeth.

Under normal circumstances,

there are plenty of foods and drinks you will need to avoid if you engage in teeth whitening. Generally speaking, foods and drinks you need to avoid are ones which have the potential to stain your teeth. This is because, in the immediate aftermath of a tooth whitening procedure, your teeth are particularly vulnerable to being stained, as they are more likely to absorb harmful and staining chemicals.


Colorful foods

and drinks have the most potential to do the greatest damage, but sugary drinks or hot food can also cause a problem for your sensitive teeth. These include:


  • Colored liquids, such as coffee, red wine or cola. Acidic beverages, such as orange juice, can also cause a problem.
  • Sugary foods, like cookies or cake. Not only may this stain your teeth, but they also may trigger bacteria which can cause tooth decay.
  • Foods that have natural or added color, like Starburst candy, soy sauce or ripe berries. Anything with dark sauces should also be avoided.

Generally speaking,

you should operate with the "white shirt" test in mind: If a food or drink would cause a stain on a white shirt, it's best for you to avoid it in the immediate aftermath of teeth whitening.


For the same reasons as those listed above,

individuals who have gone through tooth whitening should abstain from smoking. Smoking, of course, can cause a great deal of staining and damage to teeth and gums, and the vulnerable state of your teeth will leave them susceptible to being stained.


The amount of time in which you should avoid these types of foods and drinks varies, depending on the procedure, but generally speaking, you should wait at least 24-72 hours, before using any of the above substances.

Here's the good news:
It doesn't have to be this way.

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