Can Teeth Whitening Get Rid Of Stains

Can Teeth Whitening Get Rid Of Stains

Anyone who drinks a lot of coffee or tea has probably stood in front of a mirror and looked at their teeth, only to be absolutely horrified at the stains appearing on them. The same is true of individuals who enjoy a glass of wine with some regularity. 

While there are plenty of foods and beverages that can potentially stain one’s teeth, these are undoubtedly the biggest offenders. As luck would have it, they're also the ones that people routinely consume, often several times a day. That's not necessarily good news for someone who practically lives off tea or coffee. 

It's also rather disconcerting to learn that just a couple of glasses of wine each day can severely stain one’s teeth. Without intervention, these stains are likely to be there for the long haul.

Is It Possible To Remove Stains From Teeth Effectively?

The good news is that stains don't have to remain on teeth indefinitely. Thanks to some very effective modern technology, it's possible to remove almost any type of stain from teeth, given that the right method is used in order to do so. 

Even for individuals whose teeth are so badly stained that they just can't quite get them to the shade of white they would like, there are additional methods that can be used in conjunction with teeth whitening in order to cover any stains that do remain. It's also worth noting that this is highly unlikely and only occurs in some of the worst cases.

Are All Teeth Whitening Methods The Same?

Without a doubt, there are certain methods that are far superior to others. For example, using a special whitening system that utilizes light designed to remove stains from teeth is far more effective than many of the over-the-counter products that can be found in a local drug store. 

In addition, the systems that use light, such as the Ghost White system, are typically much safer when compared to products that utilize all kinds of chemicals in order to get the job done. Perhaps even more importantly, these types of systems don't cause pain, nor do they make your teeth more sensitive than they already are. 

This is especially important if you've been struggling with issues with sensitive teeth for quite some time. In short, the method that uses light as opposed to chemical whitening are far superior, not to mention proving more effective in the long-term.

Some of the products that are available over-the-counter include chemical strips or other types of chemicals applied topically to the teeth. The issue with many of these products is that in wearing away the stains, they also wear away the enamel. Systems that utilize light, such as Ghost White, do not have those types of issues. 

This means they can effectively get rid of the stains on your teeth without causing any additional damage. That's precisely why it's one of the foremost ways to get whiter teeth, especially for individuals who are conscientious about their oral health.