Are Teeth Whitening Lights Safe

Are Teeth Whitening Lights Safe

One of the foremost ways to get whiter teeth is to use teeth whitening lights. These are the types of lights that are commonly used in a dentist’s office in order to whiten teeth without using harsh chemicals that are so frequently associated with over-the-counter products that can be purchased at some big box stores or the local pharmacy. These types of systems are easy to distinguish from virtually everything else that's available on the market, largely because of the blue LED light that is used. 

It definitely provides another option for individuals who want whiter teeth and prefer not to use the chemical based systems. However, many people are still hesitant to use them because they wonder if they're really safe.

Are These Types Of Whitening Systems Safe?

It's easy to understand why people would be cautious about using a system like this if they don't fully understand how it works. For one thing, these systems are newer than the older, chemical-based systems. Most people that have had any type of experience with teeth whitening have used chemical systems and several of those individuals ended up with sensitive teeth or gums that bleed at the drop of a hat. 

It's therefore only reasonable to assume that anyone who has had this type of experience with teeth whitening in the past is going to be somewhat hesitant to try something different, even if it promises not to use the same harsh chemicals as other systems.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of The Blue LED Light System?

For starters, they don't use harsh chemicals. Instead, systems like Ghost White use hydrogen peroxide. If that scares you, it's important to remember that an overwhelming majority of toothpaste companies also use hydrogen peroxide in their toothpaste. In fact, it is probably the most widely accepted method of getting your teeth whiter and then keeping them that way. 

If you're thinking that you can simply use a hydrogen peroxide based toothpaste and get the same results, that's not quite the case. The blue LED light accelerates the action of hydrogen peroxide, thereby speeding up the entire process of whitening your teeth. Once you get your teeth whiter, you can start using hydrogen peroxide based toothpaste to keep them that way, with only occasional whitening treatments in between.

Blue LED Light Commonly Used By Dentists

This type of whitening system is frequently used by dentists. In fact, most of them will be more than happy to oblige you by performing the procedure right there in their office. That being said, they don't typically recommend other types of chemical based systems that have been available for years, largely because those types of systems do have a propensity to damage teeth. 

If you want whiter teeth and you want to do it safely, systems like the one used by Ghost White are a near perfect solution. In addition, you can use this type of system without ever having to go to the dentist’s office. Getting whiter teeth safely without ever leaving the comfort of your own home is a huge advantage and it is one that many people are anxious to experience. 

If you've always wanted whiter teeth but you're frustrated with the old types of systems or you don't want to spend time in a dentist’s office, the blue LED light system may be the right choice for you.