Are Teeth Whitening Kits Permanent?

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Permanent?

When people decide they’ve had enough of teeth that are stained and rather unattractive, they usually turn to teeth whitening systems in order to find a solution to the problem. One of the main questions frequently asked by individuals who don't necessarily have a lot of experience with teeth whitening involves how long it lasts. Some even want to know if it’s permanent. 

The truth is, there is no system that can be considered permanent. Furthermore, it really comes down to the type of system used and the lifestyle of the individual in question.

Aren’t Some Teeth Whitening Systems Permanent?

As previously mentioned, there is no system that can be considered truly permanent, at least not in the sense that it can be done one time and never be performed again. That's because even when the stains from past habits have been essentially erased, there are always new stains that are being formed. This is especially true for anyone who smokes, drinks coffee or tea, or enjoy a glass of wine. 

There are also certain foods that have a propensity to stain teeth. Beets are perfect example. It's extremely rare to find someone who doesn't engage in at least one of these habits, meaning that it's likely that the teeth will be stained again within a few months to a few years. Again, it also depends on the specific method used to whiten the teeth. Some are more effective than others.

Can One Session Really Last For A Few Years?

In certain circumstances, a single whitening session can indeed last for a year or longer, sometimes as long as three years. It's fairly rare that anything lasts quite that long, but for people who have teeth that are in relatively good shape to begin with and don't engage in many of the practices that have a tendency to stain teeth, the procedure is likely to last longer. 

That's especially true if a high-quality system such as a blue LED light system is used as opposed to some cheaper chemical systems that are available. When a high-quality LED system is used, even those individuals who routinely smoke and consume coffee, tea and wine can enjoy whiter, brighter teeth. It simply means they may have to go through the process a bit more frequently than someone who doesn't enjoy these things as much.

Obviously, it's crucial that the method chosen to whiten teeth is capable of getting the job done in the first place. If you really want your teeth to stay white for a longer period of time, skip the things that you can find for sale on the shelf of your local store and start looking into systems such as the Ghost White system

Ghost White is completely free of harsh chemicals and uses LED light in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. It's a system that's actually easier to use than virtually anything else on the market and it has a tendency to last longer. 

When you use Ghost White, you're able to whiten your teeth at your convenience while you're still in your pajamas so whether you need to do it once a year or once a week, you can do so without disrupting any other aspect of your life.